Demonstration project multifunctional landuse for water storage in the greenhouse sector (HSHL08)

In the polder area of Haaglanden and the municipality of Westland innovative solutions were sought for realizing water retention. The project joined in on current spatial planning processes. It used an innovative concept of closing the water cycle, the 4B-concept, where industrial waste water is purified to irrigation water.

In these polders there is an agreement between water boards and private entrepreneurs that a part of the water retention will be done using multifunctional land use. Such solutions, like water retention underneath a greenhouse, have not been applied before. The greenhouse area in the Westland is required to store approximately  525,000 m3 water.

In one of the polders, Waalblok, the innovative water storage concept was applied successfully. The approach can provide more opportunities in this dynamic greenhouse area. It is of importance that the experiences concerning all relevant aspects (technical, procedural, financial and legal) are monitored, shared and spread; and the solution should be made accessible as a demonstration project.