Research Theme Fresh Water

Climate change will affect the supply of fresh water to the population and to economic sectors in many deltas around the world. Also the Netherlands will have to adapt to a growing mismatch between water demand and supply. The central issue is: what are opportunities and adaptation strategies for fresh water supply and water quality in the Netherlands, given the changing physical boundary conditions in evaporation, precipitation, river discharges, sea level rise and salt water intrusion? The focus is on regional and local solutions within the low lying parts of the Netherlands. In addition to droughts, the main threat to fresh-water availability in this area is salinisation. This research focused on how these regions can become more self reliant.

The aim of the research was to develop robust, flexible and long-term solutions from a local to regional perspective which can contribute to successful strategies to bridge the growing mismatch between demand and supply of fresh water (quantity and salinity) in the changing Dutch Delta. Read more.