Valorisation of adaptation knowledge for sustainable delta cities (HSRR3.7)

Water plazas, green roofs, vertical gardens: these are existing measures to adapt cities to heat and excessive rainwater. Some leading municipalities in the Netherlands have developed a climate adaptation strategy. However, climate change adaptation is not (structurally) included yet in urban planning and design of public space. Private owners of land and buildings hardly play a role in adapting to the changing climate. The market for climate adaptation products and services is still very limited.

Going through the steps awareness, experimentation and integrating knowledge about climate change and adaptation can help to work towards a climate-resilient city. The role that governments, companies and research institutions can play in taking these steps was investigated for three different fields: Strategy and Policy, Urban Planning, Public Space and Buildings. The research showed that the government has an important role to create new opportunities based on the knowledge gained on climate-proof cities. In addition to the dissemination of knowledge, governments can offer room for experimentation with new solutions while using procurement to demand strict criteria for the realization of projects in the public space and buildings owned by the government. Furthermore, governments can stimulate the market through subsidies and taxes.

When there is a demand for climate adaptation among the owners of public spaces, buildings and land, companies can respond to this with climate adaptation products and services that can also find international markets in the future. It is important that measures not only serve climate adaptation, but are intertwined with multiple targets. In addition, visible measures such as water plazas and green roofs are an effective means to engage other stakeholders, both nationally and internationally. Knowledge parties can make an important contribution to raising awareness of climate change adaptation and to improve the effectiveness of (combinations of) climate adaptation measures.

final report (in Dutch)