Research Theme Governance

Adapting to the possible impacts of climate change presents a demanding challenge within the existing governance structures and arrangements. It raises normative questions (e.g. who should be responsible?) and may require innovative experiments, leadership approaches and process designs.

Furthermore, governments may need to reconsider the economic instruments and governance structures that allocate risks and responsibilities between public and private partners. To complicate matters even further, climate change is surrounded by uncertainties, contested knowledge and differences in stakeholders' perspectives. Hence, the specific complexities of adaptation governance call for new advanced governance knowledge. In that sense, the governance of climate adaptation also poses a new scientific challenge.

This consortium aims integrate existing knowledge from the fields of public administration, economics, political science, spatial planning, law, environmental studies and psychology. Through close cooperation with hotspots, this programme will add new empirical evidence to test innovative theoretical propositions about the governance of climate adaptation.

In short, this unique interdisciplinary programme will develop and test governance arrangements that will contribute to:

    1. developing and implementing adaptation options
    2. increasing the adaptive capacity of society so that future climate changes can be confronted

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