High-quality Climate Projections

It is known that our climate is changing, but what is the exact impact on local and regional scale? With complex models we can create climate scenarios so we know how the climate will change in the Netherlands and how we can prepare ourselves. The Netherlands will face extreme precipitation, longer periods of droughts, changing wind directions and sea level rise.

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The research programme Knowledge for Climate tried to decrease uncertainty in climate scenarios to get a better picture of the impact of climate change in the Netherlands. Besides that Knowledge for Climate created Climate Services that provide information on climate change and impacts for professionals and a broader audience..

Area specific projections

Changes in climate and society ask for an adaptation of the spatial planning of the The Hague area. This project studied the area specific effects of climate change with respect to the expected social economic developments. This way the best adaptation strategies can be chosen. The project looked at two aspects:

  • Broadening the existing inventarisations of the effects of climate change
  • Further elucidating current social economic scenario studies

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The consortium partners

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Future Weather

Within this project researchers from KNMI developed high resolution models of the Dutch climate. This is useful for testing efficiency of adaptation measures such as the Maeslandt flood defence.

Future Weather

It also enables accurate study of the climate effects in for example the Schiphol Airport area. Because of it’s location near the sea Schiphol airport is subject to specific meteorological conditions that are of great importance for the functioning of the airport.

Future Weather.