Broad, region specific reconnaissance of effects of climate change in relation to future scenarios and trends (HSHL06/HSHL12)

Changes in climate and society ask for an adaptation of the current spatial planning process in Haaglanden. In this project, research was done on area specific effects of climate change in relation to the expected socioeconomic developments. The goal was to identify the most applicable adaptation strategies. The activities consisted of:

    1. improving current knowledge of the effects of climate change, both in-depth and more broadly;
    2. enhancing socioeconomic scenario studies.

The main approach of this project was integral spatial analysis. Relevant spatial themes in the area were for example: the future of the greenhouse sector, the importance of green spaces in urban areas, changes in water management and urbanization. Several workshops with thematic experts and people familiar with the area were held. Based on their input the spatial trends, opportunities and climate issues for the area were identified and further research questions were formulated.