Joint special issue from the Dutch national research programmes
'Climate change spatial planning' and 'Knowledge for Climate'

'From climate research to climate compatible development: experiences and progress in the Netherlands'

In: Regional Environmental Change (Springer Publishers)


Researchers from both KfC and CcSP have worked hard to publish this special issue. The editors, Jeroen Veraart, Peter Driessen, Kim van Nieuwaal and Pavel Kabat conclude that a trend can be observed in which a 'top-down' climate impact assessment approach is increasingly combined with a 'bottom-up' approach with practice and policy. Climate science is thereby increasingly contributing to a climate compatible development of the Dutch economy and natural environment. Based on the 15 articles presented in this special issue (and others) they argue that this development has enriched both fundamental and applied research on climate adaptation within the Netherlands, also thanks to the two research programs.

Despite the predominantly Dutch-oriented scope of the presented research we believe that such experiences can be of international interest.

The papers:

  • From climate research to climate compatible development: experiences and progress in the Netherlands 
    Veraart, J.A., Van Nieuwaal, K., Driessen P.P.J, Kabat, P. 
    open access article        
  • Exploring the efficiency of bias corrections of regional climate model output for the assessment of future crop yields in Europe        
    Bakker, A., Bessembinder, J., de Wit, A., van den Hurk, B., Hoek, S.          
  • Framing climate uncertainty: socio-economic and climate scenarios in vulnerability and adaptation assessments           
    Berkhout, F., Van den Hurk, B., De Boer J., Van Drunen, M., Bregman, B., Bessembinder J. 
  • Evaluating the effect of flood damage-reducing measures: a case study of the unembanked area of Rotterdam, the Netherlands        
    De Moel, H., Van Vliet, M., Aerts J.C.J.H  
  • Climate proofing the Zuidplaspolder: a guiding model approach to climate adaptation  De Groot-Reichwein, M.A.M. Goosen, H., M.G.N. van Steekelenburg     
  • Climate adaptation of interconnected infrastructures: a framework for supporting governance      
    Bollinger, L.A., Bogmans, C.,Chappin, E., Dijkema, G., Huibregtse, E., Maas, N., Schenk, T., Snelder, M., Tavasszy, L., van thienen, P., de Wit, S., Wols, B.         
  • Synthesis of ecosystem vulnerability to climate change in the Netherlands shows the need to consider environmental fluctuations in adaptation measures  
    Van Bodegom, P., Verboom, J., Witte, F., Vos, C., Bartholomeus, R.,  Cormont, A., Geertsema, W., Van der Veen, M.,  Aerts, R.  
  • Population dynamics of Great Bittern (Botaurus stellaris) in the Netherlands: interaction effects of winter weather and habitat fragmentation     
    Cormont, A., Vos, C., Verboom, J., Van Turnhout, C., Foppen, R., Goedhart, P.
  • A framework with an integrated computer support tool to assess regional biomass delivery chains           
    Elbersen, B., Annevelink, E. , Langeveld, J.W.A., Elbersen, H.W., Sanders J.P.M., Lesschen J.P., Staritsky, I., Roos Klein-Lankhorst, J.    
  • Climate change and economic consequences for inland waterway transport in Europe           
    Jonkeren, O., Rietveld, P., van Ommeren, J., te Linde, A.
  • Climate-proof planning for flood prone areas: assessing the adaptive capacity of planning institutions in the Netherlands 
    Van den Brink, M., Meijerink, S., Termeer, C., Gupta, J.
  • Observed climate-induced changes in plant phenology in the Netherlands          
    Van Vliet, A.J.H., Bron, W.A., Mulder, S., Vermeulen, L., Van der Slikke, W., Ode, B. 
  • Costs and benefits of adapting spatial planning to climate change: lessons learned from a large-scale urban development project in the Netherlands           
    De Bruin, K., Goosen H., Groeneveld, R., Van Ierland, E.C.      
  • Toward legitimate governance strategies for climate adaptation in the Netherlands: combining insights from a legal, planning, and network perspective    
    Van Buuren, A., Driessen, P. Van Rijswick, M., Teisman, G.
  • Climate Adaptation Services for the Netherlands: an operational approach to support spatial adaptation planning           
    Goosen, H., De Groot-Reichwein, M.A.M
  • Toward design principles for joint knowledge production projects: lessons from the deepest polder of The Netherlands     
    Hegger, D., Van Zeijl-Rozema, A., Dieperink, C.